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Flexographic Printing

Solventless Adhesive Lamination

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Solventless Adhesive Lamination

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Wide Web Flexographic Printing


Thin-Gauge Film

Heavy-Gauge Pap

  • We'll be updating details for your pressure sensitive label here.

  • Check back here for flexible packaging width and run capacities.

  • We'll be putting some more information on our custom press options here with more capabilities launching in August 2023.

Limitless possibilities and top-quality packaging made possible for limited budgets and more.

Since 1985.

Limitless Solutions
Converting to Print
Profit-Friendly Pricing

What Do You Need?

With virtually endless stock and capabilities, Mar-Co Packaging is your guide for converting problems to solutions. 


High speed, high quality printing on translucent, clear and opaque flexible substrates.


High-run precision slitting for any number of flexible packaging solutions.


Superior smooth protection for flexible labels, pricing cards and packaging.

Adhesive Lamination

Even customizable adhesive for flexible labels.

Capabilities App Under Development

We're always looking to better serve.
Check back soon for a full sight of capabilities, live online.

Hear when it's live

We'll email you once our new app is live.

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